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Buy Gaming Desks and Tables for Professional Gaming

Gaming is not just about having the most loaded computer unit, monitor with highest refresh rate, tactile keyboard or high DPI mouse, the overall gaming setup that houses these high-end pieces of technology plays a very important role in shaping your total gaming experience.

A Gaming desk is the backbone of your gaming setup. Whether you're a noob who's just starting out to establish a custom gaming table setup or a PRO gamer with a well-defined, highly functional setup, a solid gaming computer desk is a top priority.

Gaming desks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, functionality, and styles. It is absolutely crucial to carry out research and analysis before getting one to fit your requirements. Some brands even offer custom gaming table for gaming enthusiasts. It is an investment that will serve you well over time and give you excellent value if you know your stuff.

Let’s dig in and find out more about gaming tables and discover their features so that you can find the best gaming desk that fits your needs.

How to Pick The Best Gaming Desk?

It is confusing to pick the best product among the plethora of options listed online for gaming desks. As such, taking a glimpse at its important features might help you out.

  • Design

It is crucial to ensure that the gaming pc table you select has an ergonomic design that adapts to your existing space and setup seamlessly. Check out its loading capacity and expansion ability to attach other gaming accessories such as cable management tray, bigger cables, tower hanger, and other add ons.

  • Material and Build Quality

Going for a robust quality gaming desk is vital to ensure its durability. Investing in a sturdy table offered by reputed brands can ensure quality standards. A glimpse at the material and thickness in the product description might help here.

  • Ergonomics

While engrossed in your favourite skill-based online game, you hardly have a moment to think of your comfort, which results in muscle stress or intense fatigue. We provide a table for pc and gaming with the best eureka ergonomics gaming products that ensures optimum comfort and helps in effective arrangement of all gears and gaming accessories.

  • Desk Size

A rightfully sized gaming desk is imperative to accommodate your gaming space. Most gaming tables have a standard size of 43 to 65 inches. It is ideal to plan the right set up and invest in a desk only after adequately evaluating the product dimensions.

  • Storage

Gaming accessories and gears often occupy a huge chunk of space, and storage constraints can be a roadblock to the arrangement. Go for futuristic designs at Astrix that allow dedicated hooks, shelves and cup holders to keep the mess away.

  • Height Adjustment

Adjustable leg pads and electronic height adjustment mechanisms are essential features to choose a gaming desk that enables you to sit comfortably while moving around the console.

Types of Gaming Desk

All gaming computer tables available at Astrix are handpicked to accentuate the immersive gaming experience. For a style upgrade, one can opt for uniquely shaped and styled gaming desks with different features.

L Shape

L-shaped gaming PC tables are No.1 selling products as they are aesthetically appealing and help in space management. Check out the phenomenal L-shaped tables by Mr Ironstone that can fit in your gaming corner, and RGB lighting can further add an edgy vibe to your game time.

Ladder Shape

A Ladder-shaped gaming computer table with shelves can accommodate ample space for managing accessories without occupying much space on the top. If those clumsy tables often distract you in the play, replace them with one of these from our store.

I Series

 The I-Shaped gaming desks are perfect for those looking out on ergonomic, functional, and minimalistic designs. Some of these tables come with an adjustable height feature powered by an electric motor that helps in enjoying relief from pain or fatigue.

 Z Shape 

Z-shaped gaming tables come with a specific structure that looks classic and aesthetically versatile. They are also incredible in terms of durability and support. It also prevents wobbling or shaking in any circumstances. Exquisitely designed Z-Shaped Gaming  tables are the perfect choice to accommodate in compact places.

K Shape 

The K-shaped gaming tables come with a tough structural gaming computer table design that’s robust and load-bearing without compromising on the aesthetics. The angular side beam provides more stability and durability to the entire structure and prevents wobbling and shaking under extreme circumstances.

Buy Gaming Tables for PC in India

Buying high-end gaming technology in India is not a dream anymore. Many companies now offer premium gaming products and technology at affordable prices for the Indian market. Gone are those days when most PC setups consisted of a wooden table with unstable legs and no scope of up-gradations. Today, you can find gaming desks of various brands with state-of-the-art technology at your disposal.

Technical Aspects to Consider for Buying a Gaming Desk

Powered by high-end gaming technology, the recent products on the table for PC are available in numerous trendy and premium styles. Apart from physical aesthetics, here are a few technical aspects of the gaming table to consider:

1. Space Management

Choose a gaming PC table that can perfectly fit into your dedicated space. It ensures that the setup appears neat and mess free, thus, allowing you to focus more on reaping profits from real money games.

2. Flexibility and Utility

Smart buyers usually invest in multi-functional gaming tables that can reap numerous benefits. Several working professionals and content creators also utilize this space as their work setup and acquire optimum productivity.

3. Hassle-Free Installation

At Astrix, we offer you the best gaming tables with a detailed manual and the necessary tools and instructions to ensure seamless assembly. It can take minimum effort to put everything in place.

4. Choice of Materials

Astrix offers products that use high-end raw materials, keeping in mind the quality factor for each product. Your gaming desk material must meet the regulations and standards of the EPA. Our products are also passed from third-party agencies like the BV Act, SGS and many more.

5. Cable Management

Tangled wires and cables on the tabletop appear clumsy. Hence, the latest gaming tables are updated with an integrated power strip storage box to hide those cable grommets in the most organized and tactical manner.

Top Brands For Gaming Table

Astrix store has listed top-notch gaming desks from some of the premium and reputed brands in the market, such as:

1. Eureka Ergonomic

Stunning designs, stellar features, and ergonomic gaming setup are the USP of this brand that adds value to your purchases. Some products worth checking out are their sit-stand desk converter, adjustable height desk, and RGB lighting system that elevates the vibe of your game room.

2. Mr. Ironstone

If you prefer carbon fibre as compared to conventional MDF finish, then spike up the gaming zone with exceptional products from Mr. Ironstone. They flaunt sustainable designs and feature multifunctional desks that are perfect for gaming and professional purposes.

Easy to Install 

If you have a knack for technical stuff, you would love to build a custom gaming table in a DIY assembly process. Gaming desks available on Astrix come packed with all the necessary tools and instructions that allow you to assemble one in no time with minimum effort.


Gaming Desk - FAQ


Q. What to look for when buying a Gaming Table?

Ans:  The key factors of a good and sturdy gaming desk are design, stability, build, design, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Q.  What makes gaming desks different?

Ans: Gaming desks are specifically built for gamers, content creators, and professionals. They provide excellent usability and enhance productivity by employing state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design.


Q. What size desk should I get for gaming?

Ans: This depends entirely on your requirement and the space available to you. Most brands offer their gaming desks with sizes ranging from 43 Inches to 65 Inches. You can measure the space available and plan your gaming setup accordingly.

Q. What is the perfect size for a gaming desk?

Ans: The desk size varies on the available space with you to accommodate the gaming computer table. The standard size for an ideal gaming desk is between 43 inches to 65 inches. The best idea is to measure the available space, check out the product dimensions and place orders accordingly.

Q. How to choose the best gaming desk shopping store to purchase Gaming Table?

Ans: Price and quality are the main factors among others, that help you decide which shopping store to purchase a gaming table or gaming desk from. Astrix offers the best-of-best in gaming technology from leading manufacturers at the most affordable price in India. Satisfying customer support ensures excellent problem resolution and prompt delivery means you receive your product in the shortest possible time.

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