Eureka Ergonomic- 360 Degree Rotating CPU Hanger, Height & Width Adjustable

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Product Information

The fact that technology is already reaching its zenith cannot be undermined. We can witness it all around us and have the convenience of making our lives easier and more comfortable. Then, why not experience the same in our game zone. 

One of the best innovations is the Eureka Adjustable CPU Holder. This product has ensured a more comfortable and elevated gaming environment. While your CPU is safely positioned out of your way, you can keep appreciating the product design and quality for several years. While enjoying the ease of interfacing with the front of the CPU, 360° rotation and retractability make this product utmost popular.

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic- 360 Degree Rotating CPU Hanger, Height & Width Adjustable

  • EUREKA ERGONOMIC CPU Hanger or holder can be rotated 360⁰. 
  • This rotatable and adjustable CPU holder allows height as well as width adjustment. 
  • The Height adjustment range is from 0" which goes up to 20.5" i.e. 0 to 52 cm.
  • In the case of Width adjustment, the range is quite wide again which starts from 6.5" and goes up to 10.25" or 16.5 cm to 26 cm. 
  • The computer rack can be mounted anywhere under the desk area. 
  • Since Eureka Gaming CPU Stand comes with self-tapping screws, the user can easily attach the same to any desktop. 
  • The desktop material can be wood, MDF, or any other material that portrays similar characteristics for easy installation and fitment.
  • A word of advice: It is imperative to leave a space for 360-degree movement, failing which, it may hit the table leg. 

Product Description

Quick to install and easy to use, the Eureka Gaming CPU Stand indeed deserves to be part of your gaming set-up. Due to the rotational feature, it allows the user full access as and when needed. The CPU holder easily stows away to the left and the right. Due to the wide range of the height and width adjustment feature with this CPU hanger, the product can be suspended as per your preferred height and width comfort. 

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The Eureka Gaming CPU Stand is robust in making and elegant in looks. The product is designed in such a way that it can accommodate CPUs weighing substantially. Necessary hardware tools and pins are included in the packaging. 360° swivel functionality permits access to cable inputs. Due to the suspended CPU facility, this off-the-floor storage system allows the product to remain protected from floor dirt, dust, grime, and accidental moving and jerks.

Looking for more room around your feet and legs under the desk? Then Eureka Adjustable CPU Holder is the one for you. The product is intelligently crafted to facilitate the users with the added floor as well as computer or desktop space.

This handy and innovative CPU holder in an inspirational design allows you worry-free working and gaming. Due to the stringent safety norms, there are minimal chances of accidental release of the cable! Get one for yourself while stock lasts.