Eureka Ergonomic Height Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest, Black & Gray

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Product Information

Looking to improve the ergonomics of your gaming station? Astrix brings to you the amazing Under Desk Foot rest online from Eureka Ergonomic. Add this to your gaming table and relax your feet comfortably and enjoy long hours of relentless fun in front of the screen.

Its time to buy the Under Desk Foot rest online and give your feet the desired break hereon. Running around round the clock and racing to finish the job puts unwanted pressure on your feet especially when you are seated for long hours whether at work or in front of your gaming station.

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic Height Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest, Black & Gray

  • Brand: Eureka Ergonomic
  • SKU: ERK-DSN-03048
  • Product Size: 15.35W x 3.35H x 11.81 L
  • Product Weight: 5.20 lbs
  • Colour: Comes in Black and Gray
  • Availability: Shipped in 4-5 business days
  • Condition: Brand new
  • The Under Desk foot rest has a massaging surface that relieves pressure and fatigue when your feet are rested. 
  • The foot rest is ergonomically adjustable up to 20 degrees allowing the user to rest as per the desired posture.
  • It promotes better blood circulation in the feet and legs.
  • Metal frame built to provide strength and last longer.
  • Load bearing capacity: Up to 150lbs
  • Scratch proof rubber feet to avoid scratches on the floor and protect the feet.
  • Product Warranty: 3o Day risk free guarantee
  • This is an eco-friendly material manufactured of rubber.

Product Description

Having an Under Desk Foot rest online has many advantages for the user. It lets you fight fatigue after a long day by allowing better blood circulation in your legs and feet.

The Under Desk Foot rest is created with an ergonomic design and has a massaging surface to soothe your feet and release pressure. You can adjust the angle of the Foot Rest both ways up to 20 degrees and rest your feet as you desire as well as change the angle when you need to. 

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The product is environment friendly and is made of solid and durable TPR material. The Under Desk Foot rest is made of non-slip rubber feet to keep your feet in the desired position and avoid any discomfort or pain. The rubber feet further protects your feet and avoids any scratches on the floor. 

The frame of the foot rest is built of metal to offer strong support and durability. The metal frame enables a load bearing capacity of up to 150 lbs. The Under desk foot is made keeping in mind users of any height. One can sit comfortably for hours and maintain correct healthy posture at all times. 

Choosing to buy Under Desk Foot Rest from Eureka allows you to alleviate any form of physical discomfort as well as relieve yourself from lumbar pain. So, if you are determined to enjoy a pain free experience hereon, this is the product you should be going for. 

The Under Desk foot rest from Eureka Ergonomic is an eco-friendly product that ensures optimal health by keeping any form of physical discomfort or strain at bay. Carry it anywhere along with you and enjoy long comfortable hours of seating wherever you go. Astrix offers special 30 day risk free guarantee along with free shipping charges. Buy your Under Desk foot rest online today and treat yourself with a healthier lifestyle hereon.