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Product Information

Introduce yourself to the incredible Astrix Vulcan Gaming Station and invite you to the future. Irresistible aesthetics, superior comfort, spectacular ergonomics, and regality ooze in from every inch of the station. 

Whether you are seeking a hi-end gaming station chair for grinding through your long-due missions, enjoying simulation, working on exclusive projects, or simply relaxing and zoning out for good into first-class entertainment, buy the Astrix Vulcan Gaming Station online today and treat yourself with the best of science, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Product Specification- ASTRIX Vulcan Gaming Station Online

  • The chair comes with a single monitor bracket and a standard triple monitor bracket that can hold up to 1x43" or 3x32"(most models). Easy to mount with monitors with VESA mounting configurations 75 x 75, 100 x 100.
  • Optional VESA adapter mounts for 200 x 200.
  • 32:9 single (1) ultra-wide curved monitor up to 49"(Samsung CHG90).
  • 21:9 single (1) ultra-wide monitor up to 38".
  • 16:9 single (1) monitors up to 43"!
  • 16:9 Triple (3) monitors up to 3x32" .
  • Optional Custom Brackets:
  • 16:9 Double (2) monitors 2x32".
  • 16:9 Quadruple (4) monitors 2x27"+2x24".
  • 16:9 Quadruple (5) monitors 3x27"+2x24".
  • Monitor Weight: Up to 53lbs / 24kg in total.
  • Monitor Max Height: Up to 24" / 61cm.

The Astrix Vulcan Gaming Station is a brand new developed gaming station that locks in an absolute level of comfort and lures you instantly into the immersive world of your ongoing missions. Mind you, this gaming station is like no other, it flaunts Zero gravity sinking you into the gaming verse, ever ready to be your perfect partner in crime.

This might stun you but choosing to buy the Astrix Vulcan Station gives you the permanent luxury to set up up to 5 monitors at once or one giant monitor of up to 43 inches, a functionality you would rarely see any other gaming station could make happen. 

The Astrix Vulcan gaming station is the finest example of craftsmanship. It houses multi-functionality features that truly make the user experience exclusive and congenial at once. Choosing to buy the Astrix Vulcan Gaming station online shall revolutionize your experience by accessing perennial simplicity with luxury, accuracy, plush comfort, privacy, and enhanced productivity. 

The Astrix Vulcan Gaming chair comes packed with a single monitor bracket and a triple monitor bracket that can support up to 1x43” or 3x32”. You can swiftly mount your monitors with VESA mounting configurations of 75x75 and 100x100. However, to understand what is truly offered, you need to check out the product specifications.

Product Specifications to Define More 

Let’s dig deeper and check out what this marvel of a gaming station has to offer.

  • Brand and Style: Astrix Zero Gravity
  • The Astrix Vulcan Gaming Station features simple yet outstanding aesthetics
  • It comes with an optional VESA adapter mount for 200x200
  • The gaming station can hold state-of-the-art ultra-wide curved monitors up to the size of 49 inches
  • It can hold a single ultra-wide monitor of up to 38 inches
  • That’s not all. You can set up 16:9 triple monitors at once up to 3x32”
  • Or you can simply house one giant monitor of up to 43 inches in the Astrix Vulcan Gaming Station
  • Other optional custom brackets include 16:9 dual monitors of up to 2x32”
  • 16:9 Quadruple monitors of 2x27”+2x24”
  • 16:9 5 Monitors 3x27” + 2x24”
  • All in all, the gaming station can sustain monitor weight of up to 24kgs
  • You can house a monitor with a maximum height of up to 24 inches/ 61cm

Note: Shipping and installation charges will be extra.

Buy ASTRIX Vulcan Gaming Station Online
only to s
ink yourself into the futuristic gaming station and lock yourself for good without counting those hours. The future is home with this stunner of a zero gravity station that allows you to enter VR mode and escape the ordinary for a while. 

This multi-functional gaming station from Astrix shall bring all your fantasies to life and with zero gravity comfort, feel free to upgrade your gaming sessions and enhance your productivity a zillion times more. Work, side hustles, hobbies, or simply relentless entertainment, you’re in for the wildest ride of your life! 

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