Astrix Baller Gaming Station with Stronger Stability and Lighter Weight

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Product Information

Ever dreamed of having a gaming station that can elevate your entire gaming experience and swoop you into your zone in the blink of an eye? Buy the Astrix Baller Gaming Station online and introduce yourself to an inexplicable feeling of incredible luxury and comfort and lock yourself in for extended thrilling hours of gaming.

Product Specifications - Astrix Baller Gaming Station 

  • The gaming station features a unique G-shaped design to lure aesthetical fans.
  • Made of high-end materials, the product ensures a premium finish, strength, durability, and longevity.
  • This one is a light gaming station online that you can move around easily.
  • The main frame of the Astrix gaming station is built with high-carbon steel.
  • The surface of the gaming station is wrapped further with an electroplate spray coating to reveal a modest texture.
  • The product features a built-in customizable LED lighting system that can be controlled with an Infrared remote control.
  • The gaming station features a curved control C frame. It can mount multiple monitors at once.
  • The product comes integrated with a built-in intelligent control system that allows adjustable angles with the push of dual buttons.
  • Smooth functioning and stunning ergonomics facilitate multi-support features.

The user can enjoy practical functionality, and meet one’s individual demands.

  • The keyboard tray of the gaming station is completely adjustable so that you can avoid pressure on your neck, arms, and lower back so that the user can maintain a comfortable posture at all times.
  • The product comes with a gaming chair.
  • The Astrix BALLER Gaming Station with Stronger Stability and Lighter Weight is loaded with extra features that include an electrical massage system and stereophony.

Product Description

Acquaint yourself with the perfect elegance and enviable futuristic design with this futuristic gaming station. The lighter-weight gaming station online flaunts stunning aesthetics, and all the desirable functions you could wish for. The Astrix Baller Gaming Station with Stronger stability is created with an out-of-the-box G-shaped design infused with multifunctionality that targets pragmatism and simplicity.

Epitome of Luxury

The central frame of the Astrix Baller Gaming Station is built of high carbon steel coated with an electroplate spray that reflects calm and modest sand texture on the surface. The coating itself is made of three sophisticated polish and spray techniques to achieve the desired effect. The architecture of the gaming station is built-in with a LED lighting system towards the curved frame that is capable of controlling frame colors with the help of an infrared control.

Premium build locks in stability and strength offering lasting durability merged with style, the Astrix Baller Gaming station is the best choice for the most satisfying experience.

Multi-Functionality Ensures Intimacy

The Astrix Baller Gaming Station with Stronger stability and lighter weight is integrated with a built-in intelligent control system that helps the user adjust the angle of the station with a quick push of two buttons. The smooth operation that’s applied with the best ergonomics supports the multifunctionality points principle allowing the user to experience zero gravity feels when seated at the center. 

To complement the user experience one can fully adjust and angle the keyboard tray to release physical pressure on the arms, neck, and lower back accordingly.  This is to ensure more comfort and promote healthy seating.

Note: Shipping and installation charges will be extra.

Futuristic Ergonomics

The state-of-the-art integration of aesthetics with futuristic ergonomics is worth talking about. The Astrix Gaming Station online endows the user with plenty of practical functionality with an optimized design to suit all kinds of setups. 

Besides a fully customizable setup, the Light Weight gaming station online comes with an electrical massage system, multiple mounts for monitors, and stereophony with microphones for the music lover in you.