Eureka Ergonomic- Metal Gaming Accessories Bundle: Cup Holder, Headset Hook & PS4 Controller Game Rack

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Product Information

If you are looking for a reasonable and useful gaming accessories bundle, then the Metal gaming accessories bundle from Eureka Ergonomics is the one for you. This bundle has been created for all gamers who want to elevate their gaming experience. The bundle makes available the most needed and high-tech gaming essentials.

The product contains the bundle of necessary accessories to meet your daily work or game demands. Just feel free to update your desk with them and enjoy the pleasure of an elevated gaming environment.

Product Specifications -  Eureka Ergonomic- Metal Gaming Accessories Bundle Cup Holder, Headset Hook & PS4 Controller Game Rack

  • Carton dimension: 315*140*105
  • Net weight of the product: 0.675 kg 
  • Gross weight of the Metal gaming accessories bundle: 0.86 kg
  • The product bundle contains a Cup Holder, Headset Hook, and a PS4 Controller Game Rack
  • The product can be attached using self-tapping screws
  • The accessories bundle is compatible with most desktops.
  • The desktops can be made of materials like wood, MDF, or other materials with similar characteristics.
  • The product cannot be used with desktops made of materials such as plastic, stone, glass, etc. 

Product Description

The Eureka Gaming accessories contain a Cup Holder, Headset Hook, and a PS4 Controller Game Rack. The Controller and Headphone Holder is a multi-purpose rack which allows the user to organize their necessary gaming gadgets such as controllers, headsets, and phones. There are 4 built-in charging points that ensure that your devices stay charged for seamless and uninterrupted gameplay.

Due to the availability of the no-spill cup holder with this Metal gaming accessories bundle, you can enjoy a cooler or smoothie when you play high-adrenaline games. You can install the cup holder on either side of your desk and help yourself to a few drinks. Due to the impeccable anti-spill design, you need not worry about the drink falling or spilling. You can also rotate the same to hide if you are not planning to use the same. The cup holders can be used for keeping mugs, tins, as well as bottles.

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Using the power strip holder of the Eureka Gaming accessories, you can keep the cables organized under the desk and prevent any chances of accidents due to the tangled cords. Metal construction along with multi-hole design ensures good airflow and quick heat dissipation of the socket.

If you are confused considering a wide range of bundle options, then consider this option as it includes all the required gears to help you with most of your gaming needs. Since the user gets a combination of necessary gaming accessories in one bundle, buying this gaming computer bundle is a great way to save extra money. 

Bringing the Eureka Gaming accessories home means you create a gaming system that works for your needs. Due to the ease of organization and quick accessibility, it will enable you to focus on honing your gaming skills and level up hereon.