Eureka Ergonomic- Dual Adjustable Monitor Arms, Fits Screens Up to 32 Inches

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Product Information

A monitor arm has recently become one of the most demanded pieces of equipment since it allows the user to work or play computer games in a much more comfortable posture. Due to the adjustment feature, the monitor stand has been providing immense relief to the eyes of the user. Here’s where the Double Adjustable Monitor Arms 32 inches from Eureka comes to the user’s rescue.

This Double Adjustable monitor arms 32 Inches is an excellent choice to augment your desk setup. This robotic-looking arm can be easily attached to the monitor at the ideal height. It can be adjusted as per your working style — whether you want to work while standing, sitting attentively or leisurely, or a mix of both all through the day. 

Product Specifications -  Eureka Ergonomic- Dual Adjustable Monitor Arms, Fits Screens Up to 32 Inches

  • The EUREKA ERGONOMIC brand offers a dual monitor stand. 
  • Item Weight: 8.27 pounds or 3.72 kg
  • Package Dimensions: 14.68 x 10 x 7.64 inches or 37.3 x 25.4 x 19.4 cm
  • Colour of the product: Black-Dual
  • Mounting Type: Table Mount
  • Movement Type: Rotate, Tilt, Swivel, Articulating
  • Minimum Compatible Size: can fit TV Size of 32 Inches or 81.3 cm
  • The monitor arms can be used for both LCD as well as LED monitors.
  • The display net weight can remain in the range of 2 kg to 8 kg or 4.4 lbs to 17.6 lbs. 
  • The product allows the user to adjust the monitor to 360 degrees. 
  • The product allows ±90° swivel as well as -45°/+90° tilt functions along with the 360° rotation.
  • This product can adjust the monitor of the height range of 6.3” and 16.1” from the table surface. 
  • These Double Adjustable monitor arms 32 Inches have a built-in spring tension gauge. 
  • The product comes with an integrated box for hiding the cables. 
  • There are added slots in the product that permit the user to hold their adjustment tools and enjoy easy accessibility.
  • Users can install the product using the Detachable VESA panel.
  • The product is packed with all the necessary gaming accessories and comes with an installation manual.
  • It takes approximately 10 mins to create the entire setup.

Product Description

This product from Eureka Ergonomics allows the user to focus and enjoy convenience while working. The product aims to create a natural human motion and offer a seamless gaming-style surface. The Eureka Ergonomic Monitor Arms permit the user to position their monitor in the most ergonomic position for the body.

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Using the product means lowering the strain on your shoulders, neck, and eyes. Properly positioning the Eureka Monitor holders  and keeping the same at the perfect height enables a relaxing gaming atmosphere as well as lets you indulge in the game's emotional impact without distraction.

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The Eureka Ergonomic monitor arms can be used for monitors of up to 32 inches with an adjustment of 360° rotation with swivel and tilt, leading to an easy optimal view angle. Make sure to adjust the monitor arm to proper tension and enjoy working comfortably.

Different tasks may need different seating adjustments. When you read, you relax back and when you write, you need to lean in. With a monitor arm, raise your monitor to the ideal height. You may conveniently adjust the screen to the desired eye level and complete the task in your preferred position without facing any discomfort. The Double Adjustable monitor arms 32 Inches lets you enjoy lifetime technical support in case you have any queries!