Eureka Ergonomic i-Series Gaming Table- Captain Series, GIP 60", Black, Home Office Computer Desk, New Polygon Legs Design

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Product Information

Gaming pros always prefer buying accessories and gadgets that can make their sessions more interesting and thrilling. However, at the same time, you should also aim at buying a gaming table that provides you with ease and comfort. The Eureka Ergonomic i-Series 60-inch Gaming Table is a big and bold option for a gaming table for the gamer in you. 

Product Specifications - Eureka Gaming Captain Series GIP 60'' Large Home Office E-sports Computer Desk 

  • The make of the table is I-shape, which offers more convenience and ample leg room. 
  • The table offers a polygon leg design. It makes the table look elegant and provides comfort to the user working on the table or to the player playing the game on the table. 
  • The table is offered by one of the most reputable brands in the market called Eureka Ergonomic. 
  • The Captain SeriesGIP 60-inch Black Gaming table offers a big desk space. One can keep as many as three monitors on the table. 
  • The table is available in black color with a sleek finished design. 
  • The desktop space can be turned into another type of usable space too.

Size, Material, and Care

  • The gaming table is 60.00 W × 30.13 H × 27.56 L in dimensions.
  • The weight of the table is 55.56 lbs. 
  • Do not bring sharp materials, water, and other harmful objects near the table. 
  • The 60 inch gaming table is made using a premium quality material. 
  • The metal used in the table is high in strength and long-lasting too.
  • Ensure to keep the table indoors and not under direct sun, heaters, rain, moisture, etc.
  • Do not keep the table in a dusty environment. 
  • In case of any dirt or stains on the table, gently clean the edges and corners of the table with a dry cloth. 
  • Do not use an abrasive cleaner on the Captain SeriesGIP 60-inch Black Gaming table
  • Also, do not put a lot of water on the table. Rather just wipe the table with a moist cloth.  
  • If there has been an accidental water spill on the table, wipe the excess water immediately with a soft and dry cloth. You can also consider using a sponge to soak the extra water. 
  • Do not place hot mugs directly on the table. It may leave marks and damage the table. Use coasters or mats to place your cups on the table while working.

The  Captain SeriesGIP 60-inch Black Gaming table from Astrix will not just make your game more enjoyable but due to its elegant design, you can create an everlasting impression on your friends, companion, and visitors. 

This table is crafted in a simple and modest design in the elite black color, to leave everyone around in awe. When you buy this stunning and chic I-Series Gaming Table- Captain Series, GIP 60 inch online, you will never stop appreciating its best make and features. You can easily vouch for the comfort the table offers. 

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This gaming table is designed in a contemporary fashion. It is one of the most superior options for the gaming table available at Astrix. Not only does it shall suit your gaming needs but you will also be able to use this table for other work such as home office work, writing work, computer work, etc.

The I-Series Gaming Table- Captain Series offers an easy and quick installation. Made with supreme quality material, the table promises long-lastingness and an immaculate finish forever. Though the table is big in size, it still does not consume much of your room space. You get sufficient space to keep your devices such as keyboards, monitors, printers, and more.