Eureka Ergonomic- Single Adjustable Monitor Arm, Fits Screens Up to 32 Inches

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Product Information

Astrix introduces yet another scientifically created marvellous product from Eureka Ergonomics to resolve your perennial  aching problems in your gaming cum workstation. Eureka Ergonomic brings to you the stunning Single Adjustable Gaming Monitor Arm Online. A highly ergonomic product, having this one in your workstation or game room can enhance your viewing experience remarkably.

Forget the pain of adjusting your posture constantly and being dictated by the monitor for optimal experience. Buy the Single Adjustable Monitor Arm and regain complete control to enjoy working or gaming in the most ideal ergonomic position and take things easy and improve your performance. 

Available at a slashed deal of 26% on Astrix, let’s find out what makes this product worth your consideration.

Product Specifications- Eureka Ergonomic, Single Adjustable Monitor Arm, Fits Screens Up to 32 Inches

  • Brand : Eureka Ergonomic
  • Mounting Type: Table Mount
  • TV Size: Fits Screen Up to 32 inches
  • Colour: Black
  • Movement Type: Rotation
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Natural human motion allows user to enjoy the most ideal viewing angle in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Fits in LED and LCD monitors
  • The product can sustain a display net weight of between 2-8 kgs.
  • The Single Adjustable Gaming Monitor Arm Online features 360 degrees rotation, ±90° swivel and -45°/+90° tilt for the user to optimise the most ergonomic position.
  • The product holds monitor heights anywhere between 6.3” and 16.1” from the table surface.
  • It features a built in cable management system for clean battle ready station
  • It comes with a detachable VESA panel for easy installation. The package includes all necessary accessories and an installation manual. 
  • Installation requires no longer than 10 minutes and doesn’t require any professional help.
  • The product comes with lifetime technical support.

Product Description

The Single Adjustable Gaming Monitor Arm Online boasts some stunning features that can enhance your gaming experience and support a healthy lifestyle. The monitor arm can be adjustable as per the desired viewing height to support natural human motion. Fitting in the adjustable arms to your monitor helps reduce strain on your neck, shoulder and eyes significantly.

Natural Human Motion

Enjoy a much more relaxing atmosphere and soak in the gamer vibe with the gaming style. Surface of the Single Adjustable Gaming Monitor Arm Online. Refrain from unwanted distractions as you immerse yourself wholeheartedly in the game. This is a full motion single stacking mount that can house a screen up to 32 inches.

Donning a stunning gaming design in black, this makes for a wise addition not just in matters of comfort but also vibes in the aesthetics of your overall set up. The adjustable monitor arm fits in both LCD and LED monitors and can sustain display weight net between 2 to 8 kgs.

Full Motion Monitor Desk Mount

This is a gas spring dual monitor arm equipped with the coolest ergonomics. The monitor arms can be adjusted and rotated to a whole 360 degrees with 90 degrees swivel function and -45°/+45° tilt function. The freedom to swivel and tilt the arms effortlessly in any direction allows the user to lock in the perfect viewing angle and grind for hours effortlessly. 

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Feel free to sit upright or lay low and game away, there’s absolutely no restriction and no holding back. The monitor arm can hold and lock your monitor at any desirable height between 6.3” and 16.1 inches from the surface of the table by adjusting the arm to the ideal amount of tension. 

Easy Adjustment

The Single Adjustable Gaming Monitor Arm Online allows for easy adjustment with the built-in mechanism of spring tension gauge that enables adjusting monitors of varied weight. It also comes with an integrated box to hide your cables and keep things clean on the battle station. It has added slots to hold any adjustment tools you may require for easy access.

Simple Assembly

The Single Adjustable Gaming Monitor Arm Online has a detachable VESA panel to ease the installation process. The product comes packed with all necessary accessories and an installation manual. The set up of the arm shall take no longer than 10 minutes. The added advantage of choosing to buy the Single Adjustable Monitor Arm is that the user may enjoy lifetime technical support in case of any issue.

Buy Single Adjustable Monitor Arm and enjoy the perfect ergonomics in tune with your gaming station and customize your game time as per your mood and comfort. Its time to invite in unlimited freedom in any direction you want. Tilt, swivel, rotate those arms any way you like and position your monitor in the most relaxed position to get your game mode on.