Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- 60 Inches, Modern Left L Shaped Gaming Desk

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Product Information

Have you been searching for a gaming table that can suit your long hours of online gaming? One of the best options to look for is the L-shaped left-hand gaming table 60 inches available at Astrix. This table is not just the finest option due to the ease and comfort it offers, but also due to its stunning aesthetics and design.

The table offers a lot of screen space to keep your laptops, tablets, printers, and desktops. This Standing Desk L Shaped 60 Inch Gaming Desk is made to match your contemporary lifestyle needs. Ergonomically designed, this table does not consume a lot of space and can be kept in any corner of the room to utilize the space efficiently. Made in a premium finish ad distinct look, this table from Astrix is a must-have!

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- 60 Inches, Modern L Shaped, Left 

  • SIZE: 61.80 W × 43.30 H × 30.00 L
  • The table is made by one of the most reputed and trusted brands in the market called Eureka Ergonomic. 
  • The table is designed in a sought-after L shape, offering more room for the devices and consuming less space. 
  • The Modern L Shaped Left gaming table is available in black color. 
  • It offers adjustable features for perfect comfort. 
  • The frame is made from durable metal to last for several years.
  • You get a mouse pad too with the table which is thick, smooth, and of high accuracy. 
  • This table is crafted in such a way that it remains light in weight.
  • The humanized design of this table ensures that the adjustable feet keep the desk stable and steady on the floor. 
  • This classic L-shaped table can be used for other purposes too apart from gaming. 
  • The best part about L Shaped 60 Inches Gaming Table left is that you get a large desktop surface area for your official work and arrange your accessories. 
  • It offers a high large legroom below the table. You get ample space to stretch your legs. 
  • Due to the supreme quality smooth panel as well as solid metal components, this gaming table is sturdy to house around three monitors. 
  • You can use this Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table table as a home office desk too. 
  • The assembly time of this table can be done quickly. 

Size, Material, and Care

  • The size of the gaming table is 60 inches. 
  • The L shape corner computer gaming desk measures 60 Inch is made from a premium quality material. The metal used in the table is strong and long-lasting.
  • Keep the table indoors and not under direct sun, heaters, rain, etc.
  • Do not keep the table in contact with sharp materials or objects that can cause dirt and stains on the table.
  • Gently clean the edges and corners of the table with a dry cloth. 
  • Do not put water on the L-shaped left-hand gaming table 60 inches
  • If there has been a spill on the table, wipe the excess water immediately with a soft and dry cloth. You can also use the sponge to soak the water. 
  • Do not place hot mugs directly on the table. It may leave marks and damage the table. Use coasters or mats to place your cups.