Eureka Ergonomic- V2 Sit To Stand Desk Converter, 36 Inches with Keyboard Tray

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Product Information

Have you been looking forward to creating an impeccable and reliable ergonomic solution to create a quality workspace? It is essential for everyone to work in a space that is designed to boost creativity and productivity with convenience. Astrix introduces the V2 Sit to Stand desk converters with a keyboard tray for all users who prioritize their comfort and well-being over every other thing. 

This product by Eureka Ergonomic is known to ensure that users make the most of their work time and experience enhanced productivity. The Eureka Ergonomic V2 Stand Desk Converter is a sit-stand desk converter that displays a stunning workstation and is built to improve your health. 

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic- V2 Sit to Stand Desk Converter, 36 Inches with Keyboard Tray

  • The large workspace area or the upper tier of the product dimensions are 36” x 22”.
  • The lower tier can house two mouses of 12” size on both sides. 
  • The product has an incredible lifting and locking mechanism for easy and comfortable seat adjustment and standing height. 
  • Material: Gen2 standing desk converter is made of resistant and heavy-duty material. 
  • Design: Eureka Ergonomic V2 Stand Desk Converter displays a Z-shaped design.
  • Ready to use: The sit stand desk converter does not need any installation. 

Product Description

The Eureka Ergonomic V2 Stand Desk Converter demonstrates several high-tech features to leave users impressed and awe-struck. This product is built in such a way that it creates a lasting impression due to its supreme comfort, immaculate construct, appealing visuals, and innovation. 

This product exhibits high standards with an industry-leading patented lifting and locking mechanism. Due to this feature, the user can effortlessly adjust the preferred seating and standing height. Due to the amazing features like no fixed heights, no cranking or clicking, this sit-stand desk has an edge over its competitors. 

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As the name suggests, the V2 Sit to Stand desk converter with keyboard tray focuses on creating an ergonomic workplace. While the large workspace that has an upper tier can be used for housing a couple of monitors or laptops or a notebook, there is a spacious lower tier too. The lower tier can be utilized for keeping the keyboard and mouse. There are two 12” mouse areas on both sides of the V2 sit to stand desk converter with a keyboard tray. 

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Another feature that deserves a mention here is that the Gen2 Standing desk converter is made with a heavy-duty material. The product always ensures stability due to its unparalleled sturdiness and fine craftsmanship. It also portrays a z-shaped design, a favourite among many gamers. You can buy the same and convert your existing desk into a standing workstation.

One of the best parts about this majestic product from Eureka Ergonomics is that you don’t need to spend time and effort getting the assembly done. Due to its ready-to-use feature, the product makers have assured their consumers of increased convenience. You just need to take the product right out of the box and start using the same without worrying about the tools, assembly, and installation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the V2 Sit to Stand desk converter with a keyboard tray, open the box, and set your new sit stand desk converter on your workstation to enjoy the experience you have never had before!