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Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Colonel Series, RGB Light
Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Colonel Series, RGB Light
Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Colonel Series, RGB Light
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Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Colonel Series, RGB Light

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Buy Online Ladder Shaped Gaming Desk at Astrix

Irrespective of the size of the room, everyone needs their personal space to enjoy some gaming and increase their productivity at work. If you have a compact study or gaming room, ladder shaped computer tables are one of the best solutions. It provides way more space than any other gaming table as it has multiple shelves for your gaming needs and ample storage for your collectables and essentials.

Technically, Ladder-shaped gaming tables are shelves infused together with a gaming table to get you the exponential amount of space to store all your gaming gear. They're ideal for anyone who wants to make the most of their room while maintaining a neat appearance, even if they have many items.

In this regard, computer desks with a ladder shape look best in terms of style. Let’s find out more about the Ladder shaped gaming desk and discover its features.  

What to Look When You Buy A Ladder Shaped Gaming Desk Online


The Ladder shaped gaming desk can have a major impact on your setup. Ladder shaped computer tables are designed to fit in smaller gaming and working setups while providing all the ergonomics and functionalities of a larger table. Everything you need should be within you reach.

Build Quality/Material 

Most Ladder shaped office tables come with a sturdy frame that provides great support and load carrying capacity. They follow EPA certified standard with eco-friendly materials like smooth carbon fiber texture for desktop and hardened steel frames. 


Ladder shaped computer tables are designed to keep everything within arm's reach. They come with various features They come with high quality mousepads, gaming style cable grommets, cable holders, cup holders, and headphone holders that boost ergonomics.


Ladder-shaped gaming desks are brilliantly designed for compact spaces. Even though these tables come with optimized size which is perfect for small rooms and gaming setups, you should check your space and match the dimensions before investing in one. 
If you are under 5.1 feet, you should look for a gaming desk with 29.5 inches or higher height to sit comfortably. If you are over 6 feet, you should look for a gaming desk with a height of 29.5 inches or higher.


Storage is a key feature and the USP of Ladder shaped gaming tables. The vertically designed gaming table offers tons of storage space for all your equipment, gear and your favourite display items. Check for the number and types of shelves offered as it may affect your storage capacity.

Ladder Shaped Gaming Desks: Best Features

The primary benefit of a Ladder shaped gaming desk is to provide ample storage in every scenario possible. If you are short of space to install big and bulkier tables in your setup, the Ladder shaped gaming desk is the one you've been looking for! 

Let’s check out some features of the Ladder shaped office table.

Tons of Storage

Owning to its unique design, a ladder shaped computer table can enhance your gaming and work space experience with ample storage space to keep your gear. Basically, Ladder shaped gaming tables are a collection of shelves infused together with a table to get you the exponential amount of space.
Proper height between shelf and top avoids occupying extra desktop space and fits well for all kinds of computers. 


The inbuilt shelves attached to these Ladder shaped gaming tables provides maximum space to put gaming gear, controllers, consoles and all your treasured collectables. Audiophiles can put speakers on the shelves for better surround sound audio. Or, if you are a streamer, you can easily attach a big camera to one of the shelves and a mic for a seamless streaming setup.

Perfect for Consoles

Ladder-shaped gaming tables are the ultimate addition to any gaming setup. If you are a gamer who love both console and PC gaming, a ladder-shaped gaming table will let you set up and configure both setup in one place. You can setup your console on any shelf and mount controllers to the sides of your table. You can switch between PC and console at will hassle free. 

Space Saving

Ladder shaped gaming table is the king of space management. Designed vertically with ample shelves, with all the storage options, you don't need to buy extra shelves as they will accommodate your gaming gears.

Easy to Assemble

Setting one up is a breeze. You can assemble this table in less than 30 without the help of an expert.  All tools needed to assemble the Ladder shaped gaming table are included in the package.

RGB Lights

The in-built RGB lights allow you to immerse in games and add color to your surroundings. It also makes your display gear pop which looks pretty cool and adds charm to your setup.  

Adjustable Pads

Not all floors are perfect. The floor in your room may be inclined, the carpet frayed, or the ground uneven. All these can contribute in destabilizing your gaming station. Adjustable leg pads are a one-size-fits-all solution to fix these issues and are great for stabilizing your ladder-shaped gaming desk.

Best Brands to Buy Ladder Shaped Gaming Table in India

AstrixInc hosts the best-in-class brands that offer the best of best in tech money can buy. With Eureka Ergonomic, AstrixInc provides a functional and ergonomic solution to your everyday needs. With a variety of gaming and office products, from motorized and mechanical desk setups to accessories that are sure to enhance your game and provide an unmatched value, you’re sure to find something productive and value for money on AstrixInc.  

AstrixInc offers the following brands at its online store:

Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka Ergonomic offers Ladder shaped gaming tables that are highly functional and provide a complete solution to your gaming and office needs. The Dual Motor models offer enough strength to lift up this big corner standing desk smoothly and quietly.

With Preset heights for sitting or standing, children or adults, you can adjust the height with a one-key switch to fit your requirement. The 55” wide surface plus Ladder shaped gaming desk frame section is big enough for more than 3 or more monitors and other accessories taking care of all your gaming cum working needs.


Ladder Shaped Gaming Desks - FAQ

The ladder shaped computer table design provides more storage space than any other gaming table in the market. The support structure of Ladder shaped gaming tables comes with a combination of robust load – bearing and structural engineering design, without compromising on aesthetics. The Ladder shaped gaming table is designed to satisfy every gamer’s needs while keeping space management in mind. This fully ergonomic vertical design integrates multi-functionality with gorgeous design perfect for any gaming setup. The Ladder shaped computer table is not just sturdy but the adjustable pads can also minimize wobbling under extreme circumstances. The premium tailored mouse pad provides a smooth experience. The Ladder shaped gaming tables come with built-in gaming style cable management grommets to better manage your wired connections and power cables. The game controller rack and headset hook provide for quick stowage of your peripherals while the cup holder can conveniently hook on either side of the table, to hold your beverages while you get your game on.

If you're looking for a table with a steady and strong desktop Surface, excellent space management, and easy assembly, ladder shaped office tables are a one stop solution to your work space management problem. They are designed with a robust and sturdy frame to withstand significant load. Due to the unique shape, ladder shaped office tables can provide high-quality gaming and work-from-home experience with ample space to keep your stuff. Most models of the Ladder shaped gaming desks come pre-installed with exclusively tailored mouse pads with ultra-durable stitched edges and premium rubber zero-slip base that creates a top notched user experience. These gaming desks come packed with a lot of functionality and may be worth your money if you're getting all the salient features, you were looking for.

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