Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Colonel Series, RGB Light

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Product Information

Looking to elevate your gaming room with the perfect ergonomic gaming table? Astrix brings you the stunning Eureka Ergonomic ladder shape gaming table to complete your setup and offer you absolute satisfaction. 

Stellar looks, perfect ergonomics, RGB lights to exude the perfect gaming vibe and supreme comfort are just some of the features that make the Colonel Series RGB Light Ladder shape gaming table the perfect gaming desk to lift your gaming spirits.

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Colonel Series, RGB Light

  • Brand: Eureka Gaming Colonel MGD-02
  • Size: 43.31 W x 62.60 H x 23.63 L
  • Product Weight: 60.19 LBS
  • Colour: Elegant Black
  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty
  • The product comes with premium rubber locking collars
  • Controllable RBG Fiber Lighting for a highly immersive experience
  • Built-in Headphone rack and cup holder
  • Adjustable desk feet for stability
  • Two gaming-style cable grommets
  • Custom-made desk pad
  • Uniquely designed mouse pad
  • Eco-friendly smooth carbon fiber texture desktop with minimum formaldehyde emission meeting EPA-certified standards

Product Description

The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table is one of those exclusive products that marries science and aesthetics by bringing you everything you need within your reach. The gaming desk is built in with a headphone rack and cup holder each on the front edge. Your music is never too far nor is the energy drink you might need when hitting hard at the keyboard.

With the Eureka Ergonomic ladder shape gaming table resting in front of you, every little accessory and thing you may need can be neatly organized without risking any clutter. Then, there are the immersive gradient RGB lights on the desk panel that guarantee an extraordinary gaming vibe ushering in an enhanced atmosphere to lift your senses.

The Colonel Series, RGB Light ladder shape gaming table boasts an eco-friendly, smooth carbon fiber texture desktop with minimum formaldehyde emission. Rest assured, the product is guaranteed to last for years to come. Ultra soft surface, zero slip rubber base, durable stitched edges, and custom-made desk pad are some of the features that lock in a superior gaming cum work experience.

The upgraded gaming device configuration of the Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table is equipped with two gaming-style cable grommets to provide a clean gaming station free from untidy cables. 

The e-sport desk incorporates premium rubber locking collars and adjustable desk feet in order to stabilize your gaming station on any surface you choose to mount it. Only the best gaming experience is our goal here. All that being said, here are the product specifications. The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table dedicates itself to original design, aesthetics, and comfort. You may purchase this product at a slashed price on Astrix today. New users can avail of further discounts on the gaming table. 

All gaming products on Astrix is normally dispatched within 2-4 days. Deliveries are made within 6 to 8 working days across India. Feel free to browse gaming accessories on our online store and fill in what’s missing in your gaming room today. It's time to bring home the stellar gaming marvel today before stock runs out!