Astrix Godzilla Gaming Station

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Product Information

Reclining racing car gaming chair with manually adjustable seats, decorative Gatling gun, and high carbon steel frame structure flaunts the most futuristic looks and impressive user-optimized ergonomics. To lock in this claim further, the new Gaming station online features adjustable height and distance that provides the exact style of comfort desired by users of any height, shape, or structure. 

The Godzilla Gaming station is completely ergonomic from tip to toe. With the help of a phone-sized control panel, the user can maneuver every inch of the gaming station, a rare feature that you would be most unlikely to find anywhere. Such a highly neat feature allows the user to be in complete control at all times. To complement this movement, the gaming station comes with a base pedestal to support the free and easy movement.

The  Godzilla Gaming chair is equipped with thick acrylic armrests to offer strong support through long hours. Moreover, the keyboard tray of the station is rotatable which allows the user to get in and out of the station without any obstruction.

Product Specifications -  Astrix Godzilla Gaming Station

  • The Godzilla Gaming Station is a manually adjustable Racing car gaming chair flaunting stunning aesthetics complemented with a decorative Gatling gun.
  • The gaming station features a reclining seat to offer relaxation and maximum support. 
  • The product is made of a high-carbon steel frame structure to offer superior strength and stability.
  • The height and distance of the gaming station are adjustable to support the correct posture of the user as required.
  • The Godzilla gaming station features 12mm thick acrylic armrests to offer increased support and strength and avoid any pain or discomfort.
  • The keyboard can be rotated easily when the user wishes to get in and out of the workstation.
  • The User can mount the monitor right in front of the seat in a fixed position.
  • All cables can be kept hidden inside the steel frame of the Godzilla Gaming station.
  • The User can control and maneuver every inch of the gaming station with the help of an exclusive phone-sized control panel.
  • All features and mechanics are integrated to enhance the ergonomics of the product so that the user can enjoy maximum comfort and avoid physical discomfort.
  • There is a base pedestal below that helps free movement of the workstation without friction.

Note: Shipping and installation charges will be extra.

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