Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Setup- Call Of Duty Series, Large Mouse Pad

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Product Information

Upscaling your performance and the fun quotient needs you to invest in the best gaming gadgets and accessories. One of the most important computer accessories that can make or break your game is a good mouse pad. If you are looking for the finest options for a mouse pad, then the Eureka Large Mouse Pad is an excellent choice.

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Setup- Call Of Duty Series, Large Mouse Pad

  • This Eureka mouse pad is a product from the official Call of Duty franchise. 
  • The mouse pad demonstrates a smooth micro-woven surface. This ensures precise mouse movements and smooth navigation for an elevated gaming experience.
  • The durable stitched edges of the mouse pad ensure that the same resists wear and tear. Hence, you can expect your mouse pad to enjoy a long life.
  • The Eureka large mouse pad features a non-slip rubber base. Due to this feature, the mouse pad does not slide away when the game is on. This allows the user  to focus on their game rather than getting frustrated.
  • With the use of thick pad material in the Gaming Setup Call of Duty series mouse pad, users can enjoy a better gameplay experience. It also adjusts the imperfections on the surface of the desk and promises a perfectly level surface for the mouse to move smoothly.
  • The Eureka Large Mouse Pad is available in a large size of 31.5 Inches by 15.75 Inches which gives you ample space to move your mouse around while playing.

Product Description 

Eureka Ergonomic is the officially licensed partner of Activision’s Call of Duty. They have been offering a signature line of Call of Duty gaming mouse pads. The Gaming Setup Call of Duty series Eureka Large Mouse Pad is the latest and updated addition to the series. 

The Eureka Large Mouse Pad is specially designed keeping in mind the amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. While on the one hand, the mouse pad ensures the comfort of the gamers, it also looks visually appealing due to its seamless finish and beautiful graphics. 

If you are a Call of Duty gamer or fan, then this mouse pad deserves to be in your gaming room. You can choose from 11 stunning Call of Duty design options in the Eureka Large Mouse Pad. Your options include Old Times, Convert Ops, Propaganda, The Drop, Thunderbolt, Pacific Theatre, Porter’s X2, Resonance, Captain Prince, Night Raid, and Nuke Town.

The Gaming Setup Call of Duty series mouse pad uses superior quality material and hence, ensures durability and resistance to damage. So, if you do not wish to replace your mouse pad every few months due to regular wear and tear, then the Gaming Setup Call of duty series mouse pad is the best for you.

Final Words

Though playing is fun, gaming for long hours can be tiresome! You need a collection of the perfect elements for a long and comfortable gaming session. The Gaming Setup Call of Duty series offers the best ergonomics to support your long-term missions. 

The Eureka large mouse pads in this series are waterproof and offer stunning features like extra-large surface, non-slip rubber base, micro-woven material, etc. to satisfy die hard gamers. So, get this ergonomic beauty and amplify your game time starting today with Astrix.