Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Z1 S, 44 Inches, RBG Light

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Product Information

Choosing to buy the Z Series Gaming desk 44 inches allows you to indulge yourself in a completely immersive gaming experience. Featuring an innovative original design, the home cum gaming desk is built-in with RGB lighting that emits 6 unique colors that are complemented by the 8 different lighting modes integrated into the gaming desk. Indeed, this one’s a head-turner that packs a punch.

The Z-shaped Gaming Desk Z1 Series 44 inch also comes with added features in its build such as a cup holder on the edge of the desk to keep your drink right next to you as well as a headphone hook in the left corner to keep your music hanging cool. There’s also a controller stand and gamer’s rack bundle to hang your gaming accessories and keep the desk neat and clutter-free.

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Z1 S, 44 Inches, RBG Light

  • Brand: Eureka
  • Product size: 44.49 W × 30.51 H × 24.21 L
  • Condition: New
  • Product Weight: 39.46 LBS
  • This is a high-quality Z-shaped 44-inch long gaming desk with a large surface area.
  • The gaming desk is built with CRS frame support to offer superior stability and strength
  • Eco-friendly desktop with carbon fiber texture for a polished finish built with Panel P2 level. This ensures minimum formaldehyde emission in compliance with EPA-certified standards
  • The frame of the Z-shaped Gaming Desk Z1 Series 44 inch is corrosion resistant and has excellent load-carrying capacity.
  • The gaming desk is built in with RGB lighting with 6 stunning colors and 8 different lighting modes.
  • The product comes with a tailor-made mouse pad with an anti-skid superior rubber base and durable stitched edges
  • The battle station comes equipped with adjustable desk feet that are upgradeable and rubber-locking collars.
  • The gaming desk has adjustable glides on the feet to a height of up to 0.4 inches.
  • The Z-shaped Gaming Desk Z1 Series 44 inch is integrated with multiple ergonomic features such as a cup holder, headphone hook, and a gamer’s rack bundle to arrange your accessories.
  • It comes with two cable grommets that let you keep your smart devices charged at all times without having to move away from the desk.

Build and Design

The Z-shaped Gaming Desk Z1 Series 44 inch is a battle-ready product equipped with a desktop armor system to augment your battles. The battle station features an eco-friendly smooth surface made with carbon fiber texture with Panel P2 level ensuring minimum formaldehyde emission to meet EPA-certified standards. The product has CRS frame support to further enhance strength, stability, and consistency for intense gaming sessions.

The high-quality Z-shaped supporting desk frame is resistant to decay or corrosion and has superior weight-bearing capacity. The CRS support desk frame is layered with a metallic coating to flaunt a delicate finish. Users can enjoy intensive e-sports gaming, thanks to the highly strong metal frame and F1-designed balancing levers that shall keep your gaming station stable at all times.

Additional Features include a custom-designed mouse pad made with an anti-slip premium rubber base that makes for a super soft surface and flawless stitched edges to help you glide easily toward victory.

Choosing to buy the Z Series Gaming Desk 44 inch rewards you with better ergonomics such as adjustable glides on the desk feet that lets you adjust user height up to 0.4 inches to ensure stability. The glides are scratch-resistant, durable, and skid-free and come with rubber locking collars. The gaming station also comes with two cable grommets to keep your tablets and other smart devices plugged in neatly.

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So if you are Looking for a gaming desk that's affordable yet uncompromisingly built to last? Introduce yourself to the Gaming Desk Z1 Series 44 Inch from the house of Astrix and enjoy grinding for hours and fulfilling your commitments on the screen. For the price it offers, this gaming desk is jammed with a bunch of high-end features that make it a steal buy.

Bring home the perfect amalgamation of science and aesthetics with a very affordable high-end gaming desk at a discounted price. This eco-friendly superior gaming desk shall last for generations with proper care. Buy the Z Series Gaming desk 44 inch and enhance superior comfort, entertainment, and high levels of productivity. Whether you intend to work or get gaming, this battle-ready station is the answer to all your requirements at a price that doesn’t hurt.