Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- 43 Inches with RGB Lighting, Free Controller Stand Cup Holder & Headphone Hook

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Product Information

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- 43 Inches With RGB Lighting

To ensure that you buy a unique combination of a durable and visually pleasing gaming table to treat yourself to only the best, the Eureka Ergonomic I series Gaming Table 43 Inches is the one for you. It is a table that is designed thoughtfully to offer premium make, stunning looks, advanced and high-tech features, and inexplicable comfort. 

This latest I series gaming table in the market is one of the most superior options to suit your urbane lifestyle. Other than offering an excellent top for gaming, you can also use the table for another important purposes such as office, writing, sketching, and more. 

Due to the modest layout and seamless finish, this table will instantly grab the attention of your visitors. It is certain that this table is going to tempt you and your friends to play some thrilling sessions. 

One of the things you must know about this table is that deserves it offers RGB lighting. This feature makes the table look exotic and majestic. The jazzy RGB LED lights make online gaming more attractive and fun. 

The Gaming Table 43 Inches is going to last for a very long time due to its robust make. Other than enjoying good space to keep your screen, keyboard, and other gadgets and accessories, the Eureka Ergonomic I series Gaming Table 43 Inches also offers other essentials such as a free controller stand cup holder and headphone hook. This table also offers a big leg space to add further to your comfort. 

Product Specifications 

  • The table is provided by one of the most reputable gaming table makers in the market called Eureka Ergonomic. 
  • It features RGB LED lights to add charm and convenience while playing the game. 
  • The shape of the Gaming Table is 43 Inches and the wide legroom adds more comfort for the gaming player. 
  • There is compact but ample space to house laptops, desktops, pads, and more on the tabletop. 
  • It has a space to keep two monitors.
  • The i Series gaming table offers a full-surface RGB Desktop, with more than 200 light effects.
  • The table also offers audio reactivity for incredible immersion.
  • The best feature of this table is the tempered glass construction. This provides you with an anti-scratch and anti-shatter table. 
  • This tempered glass construction is also waterproof.
  • Another high-tech feature that makes the  Eureka Ergonomic I series Gaming Table 43 Inches worthy of purchase is the app-controlled RGB Lights. Using your phone, you can control the things such as the colors, patterns, and brightness of the desk. 
  • The table is best known for offering a compact and usable design. 
  • The size of the Home Office Computer Table 43 Inches is perfect for your room setup. 
  • The table offers accessories such as a Cup Holder, Headphone Hook, Controller Stand, etc.
  • You also get a cable management tray along with the table.
  • The mousepad is also available with the table, which comes in black color.  

Size, Material, and Care

Here is how you can take care of the Home Office Computer Table 43 Inches.

  • The desk surface of the table is 43"x24" inches. 
  • The weight-bearing capacity of the tempered glass construction table is 330 lbs. 
  • The Gaming Table is made from premium quality and durable material. 
  • For regular dusting, you can use a dry and soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Do not use abrasive and chemical cleaners to clean the table. 
  • Keep the table in the best condition by not exposing it to rain, moisture, direct sun, heaters, etc.
  • Do not bring sharp materials or objects near the table as it may leave scratches. 
  • If water has accidentally fallen on the Eureka Ergonomic I series Gaming Table 43 Inches, wipe the excess water immediately.
  • Also, ensure not to put hot mugs on the table. Use cup holders.