Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- 65 Inches, Electric Height Adjustable Dual Motor with RGB LED Lights

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Product Information

Eureka Ergonomic 65 Inch Electric Standing Desk Adjustable Height Computer Gaming Desk with RGB LED Lights, Home Office Desks with Gaming Style Design, Dual Motor with Self-Locking Protection Black

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic 65 Inch i-Series Gaming Table 

  • The gaming table is made from one of the most reputable brands in the market, Eureka Ergonomic. 
  • WEIGHT: 89.51 LBS
  • Eureka Gaming desk offers RGB LED lights for an immersive gaming experience. The controllable RGB LED lights help you create an everlasting impression, glamour, and charm. 
  • There are multiple lighting modes available with the gaming table. The light works are not just relaxing but enhance your game performance too. 
  • There are features like RGB light shuffle, strobe lighting, etc. 
  • This is a big Computer Desk with RGB LED Lights from Eureka Ergonomic that can be used for gaming, computer work, office work, and more. 
  • It features a metal desk surface which is top-quality material. 
  • The Eureka Ergonomic 65 Inches Gaming table is available in black color. 
  • The carbon fiber texture desktop is an eco-friendly option that leads to minimal Formaldehyde Emission. It meets EPA certifies standards too. 
  • The gaming desk offers a dual motor feature with self-locking protection as well. 
  • The double motors in the EUREKA ERGONOMIC 65-inch Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk offer smooth and efficient lifting operation. 
  • The self-locking technique protects the table from desk lowering. 
  • It also has an anti-collision sensor that protects the table from unexpected damage. 
  • Sitting in front of the computer for a long time in an awkward position can be stressful. The desk feet are height adjustable and you are allowed to change the height using a simple control panel. You can further record your favorite sitting position and set an ideal height. 
  • The height can be adjusted between 29.92 inches to 48.43 inches, with programmable settings. The memory presets can help the same set as per your preferred height. 

Size, Material, and Care

  • The product measures 65.52 W × 48.42 H × 27.56 L 
  • The weight of the table is 89.51 lbs. 
  • The table is made from a premium quality material. 
  • Do not use harsh cleaners on the table. 
  • Do not bring sharp materials or objects close to the table. 
  • Keep the table in its best condition by not exposing the same to direct sun, heaters, rain, etc.
  • If there has been a spill on the Eureka Ergonomic 65 Inches Gaming Table, wipe the excess water immediately.

Product Description

Want to gift yourself or your friends and family a high-quality and super spacious gaming table? One of the most stunning options in the market available for you is Eureka Ergonomic 65 Inches Gaming Table. Though it has the simplest and minimal design, this gaming table promises premium quality and advanced features. 

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The features such as stunning ergonomics, big desk size, electrical height adjustment, dual motor, RGB lights, and more make this one a complete package. In short, with this product, you get everything you need from a gaming table

Using this 65 Inches Gaming table from Eureka Ergonomic, you can enhance your gaming hours and consider using the table for office work too. A classy and superior finish of the table makes this option more worthy of buying at Astrix. Once you buy this table, you can elevate the look of your room up to many notches. You can also get to experience better convenience and comfort due to the superior construction of the 65 Inches Gaming Table Eureka Ergonomic

One of the things that must be mentioned about this table is that it is made of an ultra-quality material. Since the material is premium and durable, it is ensured that the table is going to last for a lifetime and hence, worthy of your investment. Due to the additional jazzy RGB LED lights, the table looks attractive and majestic. 

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