Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- 60 Inches, L Shaped, Left/Right with Luxury Gaming Chair and Keyboard Tray

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Left Side
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Mystic Series

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Product Information

When you are exploring your options for an ergonomic gaming station that offers a table characterized by an ideal shape and large desktop space, along with a heavy-duty gaming chair, then choosing the Eureka Gaming table L Shaped with a keyboard tray and gaming chair combo is a wise option. 

This combo of a gaming chair, table, and keyboard tray is a hot-selling product you shouldn’t miss checking out! 

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Chair & Table Combo- 60 Inches, L Shaped, with Keyboard Tray

  • The corner gaming desk is made in the ideal shape of L-layout.
  • L shaped gaming desk offers a measurement of 155*110 cm. 
  • The combo includes a keyboard tray. 
  • It comes with Left and right table style options
  • The sturdy and robust environmental P2 particle board is used to make the product.
  • Table legs: 100% metal is used to craft the table legs. Made in structural engineering design.
  • The gaming workstation is waterproof and anti-scratch.
  • Adjustable foot pad to balance out the uneven floor
  • The heavy-duty chair base is also equipped with a higher backrest.
  • Great head support with the gaming chair.
  • The chair has a flexible seat back.
  • Integrated metal frame in the chair
  • The castors are included for providing a stable structure.

Product Description

There is a range of exciting features in the L-shaped Gaming table with the gaming chair and keyboard tray. One of the best parts about it is that the table offers a big area to keep your gaming belongings. Due to the ample space, the user never feels the space crunch. Due to the optimal size and shape, you will always get the comfort of an ample room. 

While working or playing on the table, you can relax by stretching your legs beneath the table. There is a high large legroom underneath the table that provides plenty of space. This area can also be used as a cabinet. The User can store things like important files and other belongings in the cabinet. 

Coming to the construction and finish of the table and chair, you will be delighted to know that the luxury gaming table and chair are made in a superior quality material with a seamless finish. Due to the excellent material type, the table and chair remain durable for years without getting damaged. 

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The sturdy make of the gaming workstation is ensured with the use of an environmental P2 particle board. The table legs are made of 100% metal to lock in stability and strength. The legs are water-proof and anti-scratch too. 

One of the factors that need a mention here is that the table is equipped with an adjustable footpad. Due to this feature, you need not worry about keeping the table on an uneven floor. The table will remain balanced on such surfaces and you can indulge in gaming without getting bothered. 

The chair offers an extra higher backrest. Due to this aspect, the user does not face any neck and spinal problems. The sturdy chair with an integrated metal frame along with the castors ensures a superb stable structure.