Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- GIP 44 Inches, with RGB LED Lights

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Product Information

If you want to buy a gaming table that exhibits sturdiness as well as magnificent looks, then buy for yourself the compact, classy, and elegant Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- GIP 44 Inches. This gaming table is designed per your ergonomic needs, simple taste, chic lifestyle, and the need for advanced and high-tech features such as RGB lights. 

One of the best gaming tables available at Astrix today, most people who like housing gadgets, furniture, and accessories to match their refined lifestyle need to go for this excellent product. Other than providing for your gaming products requirements, the Eureka Ergonomic 44 Inches Gaming Desk can also be used for other work such as office work, writing, sketching, and more. 

Product Specifications - Eureka Ergonomic GIP 44 Inches Gaming Table - With RGB LED Lights

  • Eureka Ergonomic, one of the leading and most reputable gaming table manufacturers in the market brings yet another top-notch product for superior performance. 
  • The gaming table offers fiber optic RGB LED lights to add charm and luxury to your gaming sessions. 
  • The lighting further creates an immersive gaming arena. 
  • Controllable RGB fiber optic lighting with Gaming Colonel GIP-44B desk panel offers sparkling RGB light. 
  • This lighting in the 44 Inch Gaming Desk gets you right in the zone and elevates the game's emotional impact too.
  • Talking about the lighting modes, there are Six Single Colors, Six Single Colors' Changing, RGB Lights Changing, and Strobe Lighting. 
  • The carbon fiber texture desktop is an eco-friendly option that leads to minimal Formaldehyde Emission. It meets EPA-certified standards too. 
  • The shape of the gaming table is such that it offers a big leg room for more convenience and comfort during playing the game. 
  • There is compact but ample space to house laptops or desktops or pads, and more on the Eureka Ergonomic 44 Inches Gaming Desk surface. 
  • The table offers an exclusively tailored mouse pad. The features of the tailored mouse pad include an ultra-durable mouse pad with stitched edges, zero-slip premium rubber base, soft surface, custom-made desk pad, etc. 
  • Colonel GIP-44B gaming table comes with 2 gaming-style cable grommets. This ensures a clean gaming station.

Product Description

The gaming table offers a simple layout and a seamless finish it offers, leaving folks amazed. Such an architectural marvel often tends to motivate the players to play a brilliant game with augmented performance. 

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The Eureka Ergonomic 44 Inches Gaming Desk is made from superior-quality material for enhanced durability. You can be sure that it is going to become your best friend for life due to its sturdy make. 

Equipped with the best features like RGB lighting and more, the gaming table looks premium and striking. The jazzy RGB LED lights not only make online gaming more fun but also adds to the comfort and encouragement. 

Size, Material, and Care

  • Dimensions of the gaming table LxWxH: 112 x 60 x 76.8 cm
  • Manufacturer: EUREKA ERGONOMIC
  • Number: ERK-GIP-44B
  • Weight : 20.86 Kilograms. 
  • The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- GIP 44 Inches is made from premium quality and durable material. 
  • Do not bring sharp materials or objects near the table as it may leave scratches. 
  • For regular dusting, you can use a clean and soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • Do not use abrasive and chemical-laden cleaners to clean the table. 
  • Keep the gaming table in its best form by not placing the same in the rain, moisture, direct sun, heaters, etc.
  • If water has accidentally fallen on the table, wipe the excess water immediately using a sponge.

Also, ensure not to put hot mugs on the Eureka Ergonomic 44 Inches Gaming Desk. Use can use cup holders or mats on the table.