Eureka Ergonomic i-Series Gaming Table- 55 Inches with RGB LED Lights, Free Mouse Pad Controller

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Product Information

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Computer Desk 55" Home Office Gaming PC Table, i-Shaped Game and Work Station with New Polygon Legs Design, RGB LED Lights, Free Mouse Pad Controller Stand Cup Holder & Headphone Hook, Black

Eureka Ergonomic I-Series Gaming Table- 55 Inches with RGB LED Lights

One of the simplest and most stunning designed gaming tables that you can consider bringing home from Astrix is the Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch RGB LED Gaming Desk. This high-tech table is one of the premium options to match your gaming, office work, writing work, etc. needs. 

The Eureka gaming desk offers a modest layout and a superior finish. Once you buy this table and accentuate the interior of your room, you also experience heightened convenience. One glance at the table, and your space will exude luxury and glamour. 

One of the things about this table that deserves a mention here is that it offers an incredible finish. Available in a classy black color, the gaming table looks exotic and stunning. Due to the jazzy RGB LED lights, the table has become one of the most attractive options for gaming tables online.

The Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch gaming desk not only offers a majestic appearance but also promises a sturdy to make. Be informed that the table is made of high-strength and durable material which ensures that the table is going to last longer. 

The Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch gaming desk also offers ample space to keep your screen keyboard, and more. As the table is I-shaped, you will get a big leg space adding to your convenience. The Eureka gaming desk remains stable on the floor and can bear the weight of several devices. 

Product Specifications 

  • The gaming table is made by one of the most reputable brands in the market, Eureka Ergonomic. 
  • The table offers RGB LED lights to add both glamorous as well as convenience during your gaming sessions.
  • The I shape of the table is a convenient design option that provides ample space. 
  • The Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch RGB LED Gaming Desk is available in black color. 
  • An online instruction manual along with the table is also available. 
  • It offers a carbon fiber textured desktop.
  • The table surface is divided into two parts to support easy transportation. 
  • The gaming table offers a big top space to keep many devices. The gaming surface can keep monitors, keyboards, and other gaming gear. 
  • The Eureka Gaming Computer desk offers controllable fiber optic gaming RGB LED lights for an immersive gaming experience. 
  • The optical core material of the table is protected with high-strength plastic. This plastic is transparent and flame-retardant. Due to this, the user does not suffer quality problems like breaking, deformation, and any such degradation due to aging. 
  • There are multiple lighting mode options given in the table. It offers 6 colors, 6 changing colors, RGB lights changing along with strobe lighting.
  • Due to the anti-rust metallic coating with this I-shaped table in the legs design, the delicate finish is a treat. 
  • There are two 50mm gaming-style cable grommets with the gaming desk,. The same is also equipped with premium rubber locking collars. 
  • The desk feet is height adjustable. 
  • The table comes with a Mouse Pad controller 

Size, Material, and Care

  • This gaming table measures 58.35 * 23.62 * 31.3 inches. 
  • The shipping dimensions of the table are 34 * 27 * 7 inches
  • The packaged weight of the table is 39.67 LBS. 
  • The table is 55 inches wide in I-shape with a rectangular top. 
  • The table is made from a premium quality material. 
  • It is advisable not to use abrasive cleaner. 
  • Keep the table in the best condition by not exposing the same to direct sun, heaters, rain, etc.
  • Do not bring sharp materials or objects near the table. 
  • If there has been a spill on the Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch RGB LED Gaming Desk, wipe the excess water immediately.