Eureka Gaming Table- GIP 60 Inches With Luxury Gaming Chair and Keyboard Tray

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Product Information

The importance of a good gaming table and chair cannot be undermined. The role of these gaming accessories in elevating skill as well as raising the fun quotient is substantial. Those looking forward to a luxurious and comfortable gaming chair and table must consider buying the Luxury Gaming Table and keyboard tray combo from CasinoKart. 

The sleek 60 inches wide gaming table offers ample space for your gaming needs. There are many other features that make this combo a worth-buying option. When you have something as elite as the Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk, you shall express yourself with unending possibilities. 

Product Specifications - Eureka Gaming Table- GIP 60 Inches With Luxury Gaming Chair and Keyboard Tray

  • The dimension of the large gaming desktop is 60 inches in width. 
  • Product is made in structural engineering design.
  • The table has an I-shape structure.
  • There is an F1 supporter at the desk.
  • This keyboard tray is fully adjustable. 
  • The keyboard tray can be adjusted higher or lower and left and right as per the user convenience.

Product Description 

The best part about the gaming desktop is its expansive size. Due to the availability of 60 inches of desktop space in the Eureka Gaming Table- Gaming Chair and Keyboard Tray Combo, the user can comfortably house gaming monitors, consoles, keyboards, and many many other types of gaming gear. The Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk is an excellent choice for your e-sport battle station. 

The make of this chair and table is another feather on the cap. The combo uses only premium quality and high-resilient material to ensure that the product exhibits a sturdy make. Due to the extraordinary material choice and fine craftsmanship, the product remains durable for years. 

One of the other reasons to own the Luxury Gaming Table and keyboard tray combo is the stability it offers. The Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk's support structure is characterized by a unique amalgamation of a strong load-bearing capacity as well as a highly structural engineering design. The I shape structure along with the F1 supporter adds to the resilience as well as the stability of the desk.

The exceptional chair offered with the Eureka Ergonomic combo not only promises an incredible gaming experience but also a relaxing atmosphere. As the chair is equipped with an extra higher backrest. Due to this feature, you can save yourself from a range of health issues such as neck and spinal problems. 

Top Features of Eureka Gaming Table With Luxury Gaming Chair   

While using the product combo, you can be assured that you will get great head support. The flexible seat back gaming chair ensures optimal comfort to the users. Made into an ergonomic design, the combo portrays the latest fashion and trends functionability The products are designed as per the latest design demands of the consumers. 

Another thing that deserves a mention here is the availability of the adjustable gaming keyboard tray. It is indeed an ideal upgrade for your gaming battle station. The adjustable standing desk augments comfort and luxury. 

The keyboard tray can be rotated in the direction of left or right. You can also tilt the keyboard angle higher or lower as per your height. The keyboard tray is also retractable in case the user wants to get closer to the PC or monitor.