ASTRIX Spaceship Gaming Station

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Product Information

Are you a passionate gamer looking to improve your gaming setup, ambience and experience?   Then do not worry for CarbonX Pro and Astrix brings you the Spaceship series gaming station, a durable, state-of-the-art and luxurious gaming setup.

 Product Specifications

  • As the name suggests, the product sports a spaceship design, offering convenience and ease of working. 
  • The product is made from top-quality and industrial-grade steel, making it highly durable and of long life. 
  • Its futuristic design and captivating LED lighting create an atmosphere capable of transporting into the heart of the gaming universe, improving ambience exponentially and helping to cast immortalising experiences.
  • It is equipped with the latest gaming hardware and a powerful processor, which provides an ultra-high-definition display, gives unparalleled performance and unleashes the full gaming potential.  
  • The ergonomic and customisable design ensures optimal comfort and convenience in case of extended gaming sessions. 
  • The adjustable seating and integrated sound system provide a truly immersive experience, making it easier to focus on the game and better gameplay results.

With a simple yet impressive design and high-quality products studded with features providing the best performance, the Spaceship series gaming station has it all. This is a zero-gravity gaming chair with a recliner.

The comfortable and adjustable gaming chair with footrest and handrails, the sturdy keyboard tray and the durable monitor attached to the chair makes it a dream product for every game. 

Moreover, the raised platform to keep the entire setup above ground level makes it an ultimate choice for gaming. The unprecedented comfort, minimal footprint and quasi-total immersion due to an ergonomically optimised design make the Spaceship series gaming station the right fit for all gaming enthusiasts and professional gamers.

The CarbonX Pro Spaceship Gaming station is an extraordinary fusion of cutting-edge technology and an immersive gaming experience crafted with precision and sophistication. 

Unlike many high-end gaming stations, the CarbonX Pro Spaceship Gaming Station is not just about performance and aesthetics. It is about creating unforgettable memories by elevating your gaming experience to new heights with Astrix.